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V71D Audio Home Mini-HiFi System MHC-V71D Black

V71D Audio Home Mini-HiFi System MHC-V71D Black

V71D MHC-V71D Black
Colour Black
Product Weight 22 kg
Model Number MHC-V71D
Product Length 42.7 cm
Product Height 93 cm
Product Width/Depth 37 cm
Microphone Input 2
Number of HDMI Ports 1
Power 0.5 W
Wireless Connectivity NFC, Bluetooth
Gesture Control Yes
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  • Open-backed speaker cabinet lets sound spread out so you can hear the music surely
  • Built-in gesture control ensures easy command over music on your fingertips
  • Angled speakers and subwoofers deliver a full range of tuned sound for balanced acoustics
  • Exudes a light show to the beat of the music for an accentuated ambience
  • Facilitates wireless connectivity for efficient transfer of video and audio signals


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