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Microwave Oven 800W NNST34H Silver/Black

Microwave Oven 800W NNST34H Silver/Black

Microwave Oven 800W NNST34H Silver/Black
Colour Silver/Black
Installation Countertop
Model Number NNST34H
Product Length 485 mm
Product Height 287 mm
Product Width/Depth 400 mm
Weight (Kg) 12.7
Turntable Diameter 288 mm
Display Panel 4 Digit LCD
Capacity 25 L
Auto Cook/Reheat Yes
Energy Used Electric
Additional Feature 1 Corded
Additional Feature 2 Timer Function
Additional Feature 3 Built-In Light
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  • Add Time function allows you to add extra heat to the food to deliver desired results
  • Features 9 auto cook menus to facilitate simple cooking by giving the weight information
  • 25 litres' capacity makes it ideal for home or office use


About The Product

Microwave ovens present less of a risk of burns when used. They heat the food but stay cold themselves unlike other types of heating methods. Heated food can heat the dish in which it is heated but even that in lesser extent than conventional stoves and ovens.

Cooking in a microwave oven (compared to baking in the oven or frying) eliminates the formation of tars and char, which are carcinogenic, because of its lower temperature of cooking, which is in fact boiling point of water.

Direct heat of other types of kitchen appliance can fry the surface while the inside stays cold. Microwave radiation penetrates deeper than that and, in combination with a stirrer or turntable, it allows for more even heating of the food.

If the food is pre-heated in a microwave oven before putting it into the grill or pan, time needed to heat up the food is reduced as well as the formation of carcinogenic char.

Microwaving does not produce acrylamide in potatoes which is of concern as a possible carcinogen.

Because of the reduced preparation time in microwave ovens, food retains more nutrients because they are not destroyed by prolonged cooking.

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Brands Panasonic
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